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Physical Wellness In The Office

Whether you’re working from an office, or your couch, desk jobs can seriously f*ck you up! The world is a rapidly changing place, but there’s no denying that our “new normal” (God I’m sick of that phrase) will include a hybrid of digital and in-person interactions. As fun as it is to spend all day mooching on the couch, humans were definitely not made to spend this much time inside or in front of a screen, so over here at HT Educational we’ve compiled some gentle reminders to help you take care of yourself.

Take care of your eyes!

Staring at screens all day is very bad for you! For every hour you’re looking at a screen, try to take a five to ten minute break doing something IRL. Working from home? Do your dishes! Scrub the toilet! Take a walk! Water your plants! This is your permission from us to procrastinate a little bit from time to time. If you’re working on a computer 40 hours a week, it might be a good idea to invest in blue light blocking glasses. Do they look a little weird? Yes. Do we care? No. After 18 months of athleisure, I’ve lost any semblance of shame. We’re all about function here!


A few simple sun salutes when you’re feeling stiff can really help! (A quick Google can refresh your memory if it’s been a while since you hit a yoga class.) Do some neck and shoulder stretches as well. If you have back issues, stow a foam roller under your desk. This is great to do right after your lunch break to gear you up for the rest of your work day.

Move your butt!

A former colleague of mine showed me a great tip: He would set an alarm to go off at 90 minute intervals, and every time he heard the alarm he had to walk for ten minutes. He’d normally take a few laps around the building or walk down the block. By the end of the day, he had 30 extra minutes of walking done, and felt way saner. I’ve also been introduced to the “lockdown commute”. Before you start your work-from-home day, take a ten to fifteen minute spin around your neighbourhood. Is it a commute if you finish where you started? I’m not sure, but it does set the stage for your work day in a way we’re all a bit more familiar with.

Drink water!

If you’re feeling tired, cranky, or just generally off, DRINK. SOME. WATER. I promise it’ll help. It’s super easy to forget to hydrate when you’re distracted by emails and projects, so keep a glass of water by your workspace. If keeping track of how much you’ve chugged each day is a pain, pick up one of those massive bottles that has all your water for one day in it. If you have the world’s smallest bladder like me, this can equal way more workday breaks, so win win I guess?

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